Peter Gabbarino Photographs
1983 FJ40 Iconic Toyotas, FJ40 & 60 Series Wild Things People Places Things
Toyota's Never Die
The nicest driving FJ60 anywhere. H55 5 speed, 137,000 original miles. Upgraded to keep
Big Tree TLC
BJ42 / Wyoming Freight Train
1964 FJ45 Short bed pickup. Super Rare Icon
'84 BJ42 Wide eyed and Beautiful. Toronto to Montana to Colorado
Classic Lines; TLC
1964 FJ45 Short bed Pickup Hard pressed to find a nicer Land Cruiser Pickup.
Stock Lily White, Stock Pewter Wheels, with BFG MUD TA Tires
1980 FJ45 Longbed
Timeless 64'
1964 FJ45 V8 Conversion Lily White, Rollup Mercedes Canvas
The face of an ICON
Beautiful interior, with PS. This is the nicest 45 pickup I have owned
1964 FJ45 V8 Conversion 5500 miles; This is not Grandpa's 45
1964 FJ45 V8 Conversion, with roll up Mercedes Canvas
1983 BJ42 Super B Diesel. Pine Creek Lodge, MT
1979 FJ40 Sky Blue, PS, Full Frame Off Restoration. Beautiful
1982 FJ40 Paradise Valley, MT
1984 FJ40 Super B (last year made worldwide BJ42 3B diesel)
1982 FJ40 Freeborn Red
1984 FJ40 Diesel (BJ42) Super B
1983 FJ40 Cygnus White AC PS
1982 FJ40 Beige PS
1982 FJ40 Beige PS
1982 FJ40 Beige PS
1982 2F, 4.2 litre 6
All Original, 1983 BJ42 "Super B" One of 167 made in '83
1983 FJ40 AC PS Icon Gold
1983 FJ40 AC PS Icon Gold
1982 FJ40 Troopy Beige
1983 FJ40
1977 FJ40 Mustard Yellow
1982 Cartoon FJ40
1982 FJ40 CY White
1979 FJ40 AC PS Freeborn Red
1979 FJ40 AC PS FR
1979 FJ 40 FR
1979 FJ40 Freeborn Red
1980 FJ45 Pickup Beige
1980 FJ45 Interior
1980 FJ 40 PS Beige
1980 FJ40 PS Beige
1980 FJ40
1981 FJ40 Freeborn Red
1981 FJ40
1981 FJ40 AC PS Nordic Blue
1981 FJ40 AC PS Nordic Blue
1981 FJ40 AC PS Nordic Blue
1976 FJ40 Dune Beige
1982 FJ40 Beige
1983 FJ40 AC PS White
1980 FJ45 Beige
1980 FJ45 Beige
1981 FJ40 AC PS
1981 FJ40
1976 FJ40 over 1980 CJ5
1982 FJ40 2F Rebuild
1983 FJ40 Sandpoint, Idaho
1982 FJ40 Troop Carrier & 1982 FJ40
1983 FJ40 AC PS White
1983 FJ40
1977 FJ40 Mustard Yellow
1983 FJ40 AC PS White
1981 FJ40 Nordic Blue
1983 FJ40 AC PS
1982 FJ40 Farmville, MT
1981 FJ40
1983 FJ40 SP, ID Grain Storage
The "HULK" 45
1983 FJ40 SP, ID
1982 FJ40 in Farmville, MT
1982 FJ40 AC PS
1982 FJ40 AC PS
1982 FJ40 AC PS
1980 FJ45
1982 FJ45 Troop Carrier; AU
1981 FJ40
1975 FJ40 Dune Beige
1983 BJ42 Diesel, Paradise Valley, MT
Dos 82'
Freeborn FJ40 Yosemite. New 2F
Super B
1977 FJ40 PS
1984 FJ40 Diesel / SS Spartan
1977 FJ40 PS Olive Brown
1977 FJ40 Olive Brown
1977 FJ40 Olive Brown
1977 FJ40 Olive Brown
1978 FJ45 stock factory AC PS and the best goodies, ie: Warn Winch, HFS, BDS, BFG Mud
1981 FJ40 Nordic Blue
1976 FJ40 Dune Beige V8 Conversion w/Gear Splitter Old Man E
BJ42 Yellowstone
1981 FJ40 Original
1980 FJ45 Pickup
1980 FJ45
1977 FJ40
1983 BJ42 Montana
1983 FJ40
1978 FJ45 Factory AC PS Paint is stock code 621 "Rustic Green"
1978 FJ45 AC PS
1978 FJ45 Warn Winch, BFG Muds, BDS HFS
1978 FJ45 HFS Barbell Shackles. Tires are BF Goodrich Radial Mud Terrain T/As (33" x 10.5" x 15") mounted on factory wheels.
1978 FJ Buffalo Brown
"A Pair of Icons in the corral"
1980 FJ40 AC PS Original
1979 FJ40 Factory AC & PS, Amazing survior
84' Super B DIESEL
78' Smile on 83' Super B
79' Factory Original Icon
Paradise; 1983 Super B Diesel. Freeborn Red
1983 Super B Diesel
A Road in Paradise
1983 BJ42 Interior
1983 BJ42 Interior
BJ42 Super B
1983 BJ42 Freeborn Red
Pine Creek Freeborn BJ42 Diesel
'78 FJ45
'84 BJ42
'81 FJ45
'84 BJ42 in Yellowstone
'83 BJ42 in Paradise, MT
Land Cruiser
Paradise looks the same from any angle
Winter 40
'82 FJ40
Never Die 42
On the Ranch 40
'76 FJ40
1983 40 Series Driver
'77 FJ40
1981 BJ43 Super Rare Icon
1986 FJ60 Factory AC, PS, Original Paint and Body Decal. 72,500 OM.
Clearly not an FJ40. I purchased this Original FJ60 from the original owner family in WY. The nicest 60 I personally have ever seen.
1982 FJ40 as New as you will find
Beautiful '82 FJ40 headed to Wisconsin
FJ62 in Rare Form; 100% Factory, including beautiful original factory paint.
Go Fish 62
'64 45 and '83 40
Fall 40
1981 FJ40 Olive Brown
1981 FJ40
Olive 40
FJ40 Olive Brown
Park Street
Soft Top Columbian
BJ43 Diesel TLC
The nicest 60 series Land Cruiser I have ever owned. And, completely original.
Columbian in Montana
Yellowstone Day
FJ60 in Silver
Best in Show
Fish Camp 62
FJ60 in AZ
60 in Paradise
1983 FJ40 47k original miles
'87 FJ60 Original paint in fantastic shape
FJ62 Two Tone
FJ62 Built to Drive Anywhere
FJ60 Bronze
East River Road
HJ60 Diesel
FJ62 Main St LIV, MT
New OME suspension
Livingston, MT
1987 FJ60 Survivor in fantastic Original Condition. The nicest 60 anywhere.
1983 BJ42 H55 Super B
1987 FJ60
1988 FJ62 The Best of The Best
1988 Fab62 Nearly perfect Two Tone w/Stripe
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